Terms of Agreement

Terms of Agreement

As the adopter, I agree to have said animal vaccinated against rabies by a veterinarian licensed in the State of Texas upon adoption (or at 4 months of age and once a year thereafter). I shall contact Rowlett Animal Adoption within fifteen (15) days and present a rabies vaccination certificate to verify proof of vaccination.

I agree that sterilization of pets adopted through Rowlett Animal Adoption is required and must be done:

    1. At six (6) months of age (puppies) or fifteen (15) days from the date of this contract.
    2. To provide proof from the veterinarian performing the sterilization by the above date.

I agree that said animal will be adopted for no other purpose other than a family pet, and will notify Rowlett Animal Adoption if I decide at any time that I can no longer keep the animal.

As adopter, I agree that Rowlett Animal Adoption has made no guarantees regarding the nature, disposition or health of this animal. The adopter agrees to assume all risks and responsibility of ownership of this animal once it is in the possession of the adopter. The adopter agrees to defend and indemnify Rowlett Animal Adoption against any and all claims for damages, including claims of property damage or personal injury allegedly caused by the animal, arising out of the adopter’s adoption and ownership of the animal. I understand and agree to accept citations for failure to provide proof of vaccinations and/or sterilization and failure to obtain a city registration tag (if applicable) for the above animal if these requirements are not completed by the above dates.

I understand that sterilization of this animal is required under City of Rowlett Article #9-1-15-D4 and failure to comply may result in enforcement action being taken against me.